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Day Care Molestation

We put our children in day care and expect the day care owners and staff to look out for them. Unfortunately, some day care facilities fail to train their staff properly, fail to conduct adequate background checks on their staff, fail to follow up properly on complaints, and otherwise fail to adequately supervise the children. Sometimes, this type of negligence can lead to a child being molested or sexually assaulted by a staff member, janitor, director or even another child. If your child was molested at day care, contact us for a free consultation at 888-99-VICTIM or 888-998-4284.

Jason Turchin has represented several children who were molested at day care. Some examples of cases we've handled include a special needs child molested by a janitor, a young girl molested on a bus by another student, a young boy sexually assaulted by another student during recess, and a young boy molested by a substitute teacher during nap time.

The law limits the time to bring a claim for child molestation against a day care facility. Call us for a free consultation to learn more about your rights. You can reach us at 888-998-4284.

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