How to win your injury claim against Walmart

Walmart Injury Lawyers in Florida

How to beat Walmart in a personal injury lawsuit in Florida.

You slip and fall in Walmart and are afraid to sue Goliath? Don't be.
Our personal injury lawyers won many personal injury and slip and fall cases against Walmart. So how can you win a claim against Walmart?

1) Report your accident. While it is not fatal to our Walmart injury claim in FL, it may help if you reported your accident to a Walmart employee or manager. The accident report may contain information which would help your injury case, as it is often made almost immediately after the accident without much time for reflection. Claims Management, the insurance adjuster Walmart often uses, may look at the accident report to see what you claimed caused your injuries, and may out a lot of weight on this evidence.

2) Take photos. While the lack of photos of the accident scene or your injuries does not mean that you have a worse case, having photos showing a substance on the ground or visible injuries could help prove liability against Walmart or could help prove the extent of our injuries.

3) Get medical attention as soon as possible. If you are ale to prove that Walmart is responsible for our accident, you will have to prove the extent of our injuries. Delay son medical care may show the insurance adjuster for Walmart that your injuries were not that severe and therefore do not have a high settlement value. If you have pain after a slip and fall or other personal injury at Walmart, you should seek medical care from a hospital, urgent care, chiropractor or medical doctor as soon as possible. If you do not have health insurance, we can recommend doctors who will wait to get paid out of your settlement or verdict, if any, so you can get immediate medical care.

4) Keep track of lost wages.  If we prove that Walmart caused or contributed to our injuries, they may be held liable for any lost wages you incurred. Make sure your wage loss can be proven if you claim it. If you lost earning capacity, we may retain experts to prove your future wage loss claim if the case warrants this, and may have a vocational rehab expert get involved in our case to prove workplace restrictions and limitations.

5) Save your receipts. If you incurred any out of pocket expenses, including insurance co-payments, prescriptions, mileage, housekeeping help, home care, daycare, or other related expenses, Walmart may be responsible to reimburse you.

6) Hire an attorney with experience against Walmart as soon as possible. Time is of the essence after a slip and fall or injury in Walmart. Evidence may get destroyed, surveillance video may get deleted or erased, witnesses may forget what they saw, injuries may heal, and a statute of limitations may expire. As lawyers who handled many cases against Walmart, we can start gathering evidence and preparing your case against Walmart Superstore immediately.

7) Do not give Walmart any statements before speaking with a Walmart claim attorney on our side. Walmart may start defending the case immediately after our injury. Everything you tell them may be recorded and can be used against you. If the adjuster for Walmart threatens you or tells you that your claim may be denied if you don't speak with them, call us first. Often, the adjusters lie to you or misstate or misrepresent facts to get information from you which could lead to a true denial of your claim or dismissal of a lawsuit.

8) Let us fight for your rights. Having handled more than 4,500 personal injury and accident claims, including many against Walmart, we can fight Walmart and their lawyers to try and get the recovery you deserve. Call us at 800-337-7755 for a free consultation or submit your Wal-mart slip and fall or injury claim in Florida online.