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Our Xarelto attorneys are investigating possible Xarelto claims of wrongful death and injuries resulting in internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, embolism and stroke. If you took Xarelto, you or your family may be entitled to significant compensation. Call the Law Offices of Jason Turchin at 800-337-7755 to see if you have a Florida Xarelto injury claim.

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Florida Xarelto AttorneysIn 2014, the FDA posted a Xarelto warning that there was no specific antidote available to stop uncontrolled, excessive bleeding in a patient taking Xarelto.
They also warned against use of Xarelto in patients with prosthetic heart valves.

Xarelto can increase bleeding, and can cause serious or fatal bleeding. There is allegedly no antidote to stop uncontrolled bleeding, which can lead Xarelto to cause someone to bleed to death.

What is Xarelto?
Xarelto is typically prescribed to reduce the risk of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation. It is also indicated as a prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, which may lead to pulmonary embolism following knee or hip replacement surgery.

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heart rhythm generally caused by abnormal, chaotic electrical impulses in the heart’s upper chambers, called the atria. These electrical impulses fire so rapidly that the atria cannot beat with a regular rhythm or effectively squeeze out blood. Instead, they merely quiver while the ventricles, the heart’s lower chambers, beat rapidly, according to the American College of Cardiology.

Xarelto Lawyers in Miami and Fort LauderdaleTypes of Xarelto Claims
If you experienced any of the following symptoms or someone died after having these symptoms, you may have a Xarelto claim, a possible Xarelto lawsuit, or a Xarelto wrongful death case:
  • Uncontrolled, excessive bleeding
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding requiring transfusions
  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Brain bleeds
  • Abdominal bleeding
  • Hemorrhaging
Xarelto Risk Studies
A study recently reported by the American College of Cardiology discusses Xarelto's increased bleeding risk in patients with Afib, or atrial fibrillation.

Top Heart Doctors Concerned Over Blood Thinners  - Doctors expressed concern over the once a day Xarelto and the lack of daily monitoring. There is also a risk if taken with other medicines.

Xarelto Lawsuit News
Xarelto lawsuits have been in the news recently, bringing to light claims against Bayer and others for injuries and death caused by Xarelto.

Xarelto Warnings
According to the FDA, special care should also be taken by patients taking daily aspirin. While aspirin reportedly may help prevent a heart attack, when combined with another blood thinner like Xarelto, it can prove fatal in the event of a serious bleed.

Warning If You Have Atrial Fibrillation And Take Xarelto
The FDA discussed strong warnings to those who have Afib and take Xarelto. The FDA says that people with atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart beat) are at an increased risk of forming a blood clot in the heart, which can travel to the brain, causing a stroke, or to other parts of the body. Xarelto lowers your chance of having a stroke by helping to prevent clots from forming. If you stop taking Xarelto, you may have increased risk of forming a clot in your blood. The problem is that Xarelto can cause bleeding which can be serious, and may lead to death. This is because Xarelto is a blood thinner medicine that reduces blood clotting, as stated by the FDA.

You could get significant money damages to help cover medical expenses, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering if you sustained any of the listed effects. If a family member died after taking Xarelto, you could be entitled to emotional pain and suffering, funeral expenses, medical expenses and more.

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