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Pool Safety Tips and Avoiding Personal Injury Around the Pool

5 Pool Safety Tips to Prevent Lawsuits and Injuries

One of the most satisfying activities in life is slipping into the cool water of a backyard or community swimming pool on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of people are injured, and sometimes killed, in pool related accidents. Here are five tips that will keep you safe during the summer, while still allowing you to enjoy the water.

1. Keep the Pool and the Area Around it Clean and Clear

Trips and falls and slip and falls are among the most common household injuries. Falling near or in a pool is an even bigger hazard. If you fall and hit your head on the concrete you could easily get a concussion, or even get knocked out. If you happen to suffer a head injury and also fall into the water, you could drown. Keeping the area immediately around the pool clean and free from toys, chairs, or other clutter will help keep you safer.

Another common problem with pools is illness from improperly treated water. Because the water in the pool is standing water, it is vital that it be kept clean from bacteria and other pathogens by using the proper mixture of pool chemicals. The chemicals, when properly used, can help keep the water clean and the swimmers healthy. Make sure the chemicals are stored in a safe place away from small children. That can pose an additional hazard leading to potential injury or death.

2. Cover or Fence Off the Pool

Many people are drawn to water on hot summer days, especially small children. Make sure your pool is covered or fenced off when not in use so that a young child can’t accidentally fall into the water. This is important even if you don’t have young children in your home. You never know who might wander into your yard. A good pool cover or fence is a small price to pay to help keep everyone safe. Pool covers have the added bonus of also keeping your pool cleaner.

3. Never Swim Alone

No matter how strong a swimmer you are, you never know when something might go wrong. Even an innocent leg cramp can turn deadly in the water. Having someone with you allows you to watch out for each other and means there is always someone able to call for help if something gets out of hand.

Using the buddy system when swimming can mean the difference between a scary moment and permanent injury or death.

4. Supervise Young Children

Humans are both incredibly resilient and incredibly fragile. It only takes a cup of water to drown in. Always supervise young children when they are around water, even in a so-called baby pool or wading pool. If they fall into the water and get their face in the water it is easy for them to panic and forget to simply stand up and they begin inhaling water.

When in deeper water, children who are not competent swimmers should have a responsible adult with them in the water.

5. Avoid Horseplay Around the Diving Board

While it may be funny to push someone into the pool, horseplay around the pool, especially around a diving board, is an easy way to get hurt. Running and shoving on the slippery surface near the pool and diving board can easily result in a head injury or serious sprain or fracture.

Summer is a time to relax from the regular routine and enjoy life. Make sure to follow commonsense rules to have both a fun and a safe summer.

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