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The Lawyer’s Lawyers: Florida Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Cocounsel Referral

The Lawyer’s Lawyers – Florida Cocounsel Referrals for Personal Injury and Accident Presuit and Litigation Claims

We are often referred to as the lawyer’s lawyers. Throughout the year, our Florida personal injury cocounsel lawyers frequently get referrals from other lawyers who need us to help with or take over the handling of their accident case for a variety of reasons. If you need Florida cocounsel referral lawyers for a personal injury lawsuit or life insurance lawsuit, call the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today at (800) 337-7755.

Top Reasons Why An Attorney Refers A Case To The Law Offices Of Jason Turchin

  1. Personal injury or life insurance claim case is removed from State court to Federal court
  2. A life insurance company filed an interpleader lawsuit in State or Federal court
  3. The attorney is out of state and needs a Florida injury lawyer to file a lawsuit
  4. The Florida personal injury lawyer only handles presuit cases
  5. The Florida attorney doesn’t handle personal injury or life insurance cases
  6. You have a mass tort or product liability case
  7. The injury lawyer in Florida needs a lawyer with experience handling cruise passenger injury cases
  8. A lawyer passed away and you need help winding down the practice
  9. You are an attorney looking to retire or sell or wind down your practice and want an attorney to take over your cases
  10. You have a negligent security case and need a lawyer with experience in apartment complex or parking lot shooting claims
  11. You are an attorney looking to expand you practice and want a Florida accident and injury lawyer to co counsel or partner with

I Need an Attorney to Take Over a Case That was Transferred to Federal Court in Florida

If you have a personal injury case that you filed in state court in Florida, and the defendant removed it to federal court, our Florida federal personal injury lawyers can handle your case in any federal court in the state of Florida. We’ve handled many personal injury lawsuits in federal court in the Northern District of Florida, Middle District of Florida, and Southern District of Florida. We’ve also handled many federal life insurance cases and federal interpleader cases that were removed from state court to federal court. We can also assist you in trying to get your personal injury case remanded back to state court if that is an option.

A Life Insurance Company Filed an Interpleader Lawsuit Against my Client in Florida and I Need a Lawyer With Experience Handling Life Insurance Interpleader Cases

Our life insurance lawyers in Florida have handled life insurance claims in nearly every county and federal court. Whenever there is a dispute of who the rightful beneficiary is, no matter how clear the law or claim may seem, oftentimes life insurance companies would rather file a life insurance interpleader lawsuit against all claimants and let the court decide who the right for beneficiary is. This protects the life insurance company from double exposure having to pay one claimant and then finding out it was wrong and then having to pay the other claimant. Rather than doing so, a life insurance company often files a lawsuit against both claimants to let the beneficiaries fight it out. Our life insurance lawyers have handled many interpleader claims throughout the entire state of Florida. rather than tell your client that you cannot help them anymore, you can refer the life insurance case to our office for further handling.

Florida Lawyers to File a Lawsuit on Behalf of an out-of-State Plaintiff

Since Florida is such a tourist heavy state, we often get cases referred to us by out-of-state lawyers. When a person is injured in Florida, many times they find a lawyer back in their home state to try to help them with the claim. An out-of-state personal injury lawyer may not have the experience to handle a personal injury case in Florida. Many Florida companies and insurance companies may also try to trick the out-of-state lawyer and may cause them to miss a statute of limitation. The insurance company may also make a very low offer or deny the case because they know the out-of-state lawyer cannot file a lawsuit or really do much about the low offer. The out-of-state lawyer may need to hire a Florida personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit for them. Our Florida personal injury litigation lawyers have handled many claims referred to us by out-of-state personal injury lawyers representing tourists who are injured in the state of Florida or on a cruise. We are happy to work with you so that you may continue to be involved if you choose in the Florida case.

One of the most common types of cases that we often get referred to us are cruise ship passenger injury cases. Many cruise passengers do not realize that their passenger contract requires them to file a claim in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Orlando, Florida. The claim generally must be brought within one year of the date of incident or the case may be barred forever. Many out-of-state lawyers are also not familiar with Cruise passenger injury laws and may miss the deadlines or file a lawsuit in the wrong court. Generally, no matter where in the world you were hurt, if you were hurt on a Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity, or Disney Cruise Line, the claim may need to be brought in Florida. Our Florida cruise injury lawyers have worked with lawyers throughout the world who represent passengers injured on one of those types of cruises. We are happy to work with you to file a lawsuit in the proper court in Florida on behalf of your client.

Personal Injury Litigation Cocounsel or Outsourced Litigation Department for Personal Injury Pre-suit Lawyers

Many personal injury lawyers only handle pre-suit cases. Other Florida lawyers who primarily focus on other practice areas may also not do any personal injury litigation. If you are a personal injury lawyer who only handles pre-suit claims or an attorney who does not do personal injury litigation and you received a low offer on a personal injury or accident case or the claim was denied, feel free to call one of our personal injury litigation lawyers in Florida to discuss the case before you settle or close the case with no recovery. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements on denied claims and millions more in cases which received very low offers pre-suit compared with the settlement we obtained in suit. While every case is different, we are happy to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case to see if we think we may be able to get more money by filing a lawsuit.

If you are a personal injury lawyer who only handles pre-suit cases or are looking to slow down your personal injury practice and don’t want to file lawsuits anymore, feel free to give us a call to see if there’s an opportunity to work together. Pre-suit lawyers can help strengthen their own law firms by having an experienced accident and injury litigation firm to work with as a team to handle your client’s personal injury and wrongful death litigation matters.

Help for a Lawyer’s First Time Handling Personal Injury or Accident Case in Florida

Many lawyers who do not practice personal injury or accident law in Florida may get a call from a family member or friend who got into an accident and are asking for help. There are thousands of nuances in Florida’s personal injury and accident law. A lawyer without the necessary experience may do a significant disservice to the victim or maybe even commit malpractice because of their lack of knowledge in personal injury law and settlement negotiation. While a criminal defense attorney may be able to get some money for a car accident victim who is injured following a rear end car accident in Miami, he or she may not know what the case is actually worth. I saw a defense attorney obtain around an $800 settlement for a victim once on a case that we may have been able to get over $10,000. The victim had no idea that the value the case settled for was far less than what an experienced personal injury lawyer may have been able to obtain.

If you are an attorney in Florida who does not practice accident or personal injury law and you have a potential case to pursue, feel free to call one of the injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin to go over the case to see what the best course of action may be. If we think that the case may be better off with you handling it, we will certainly let you know. If we think that we may be able to obtain a more favorable settlement for your client, we are happy to help in the best interest of the client. Over the years, we’ve obtained multiples in settlement offers that inexperienced attorneys got prior to hiring our office to take over the case. For example, a Tampa lawyer referred us a case after getting a $2500 offer. We settled the case for $100,000. Again, while every case is different, we are happy to go over the facts and circumstances of your client’s case.

A Personal Injury Lawyer With a Product Liability Case to Refer

Our national product liability lawyers represent victims from all over the United States in various product liability actions. If you are an attorney who represents someone injured by a product, there may be a product liability claim to pursue. Often, a personal injury lawyer may get a product defect claim, but may not have the experience to handle it. To win a product liability claim, the attorney may need to retain experts, conduct extensive discovery, and have experience handling mass tort cases. While a personal injury lawyer may be able to get a small settlement, he or she may not understand how to fully evaluate these types of claims. In a mass tort product liability case, we may be able to plead punitive damages based on evidence we obtain through the litigation or investigation. We also get referrals of product liability cases from around the United States, which gives us the advantage of investigating multiple claims, finding similarities in defects, understanding case values, and working to maximize the case value in the best interest of the client. In a recent pressure cooker lawsuit, the defense attorney made a low offer and said that several other attorneys were convincing their clients to accept the offers because of the costs and uncertainty of litigation. What we found was that these attorneys were not experienced in pressure cooker litigation. They didn’t have the experience to handle these cases to know what they were worth, and didn’t have the evidence that we do to win the cases. Our office was appointed lead counsel of In Re: Tristar Pressure Cooker Litigation in federal court in New Jersey. We resolved many pressure cooker cases to the satisfaction of all parties.

We have experience handling product liability cases in many state and federal courts. If you have a possible mass tort or product liability case, we are happy to discuss the case with you to see if we can help.

The Injury Lawyer in Florida Needs a Maritime Lawyer With Experience Handling Cruise Passenger Injury Cases

Our Florida maritime lawyers have handled hundreds of cruise passenger injury claims on behalf of passengers injured on cruises throughout the world. We often receive cruise attorney referrals from lawyers in the state of Florida and throughout the world who represent passengers who were injured on a cruise and need to file a cruise passenger injury claim.

Cruise law can be complex and has many nuances that a general personal injury lawyer may not be aware of. For example, a cruise passenger may be required to file a lawsuit or claim in Miami, Orlando, or Fort Lauderdale, Florida no matter where in the world they were injured. That means that a passenger who lives in Texas, California, Nevada, or any other state may go to their local personal injury attorney for help, but that lawyer may not be able to help them.

If you are in attorney looking for a cocounsel cruise lawyer in Florida to refer a client who was injured on a cruise, call us to see how we can help your case. We’ve handled many claims against Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Disney, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Many lawsuits against these major cruise line companies must be brought in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, or the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Lawsuits against cruise lines generally must be brought within one year from the incident date, or the claim may be barred forever.

A Lawyer Passed Away and I Need Help Winding Down the Practice

If you are the spouse or personal representative of an attorney who passed away in Florida and need help winding down their practice, the probate lawyers and personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Jason Turchin can work with the estate to see how we can best help the pending cases. The estate may still be entitled to significant revenue following the death of a lawyer, especially for work that they already performed or outstanding invoices. There may be additional value in the practice which could be transferred, sold, or referred out.

You are an Attorney Looking to Retire or Sell or Wind Down Your Practice and Want an Attorney to Take Over Your Cases

If you need to refer out your personal injury cases or for a Florida injury lawyer to cocounsel with, or are looking to retire now or in the future from your law practice, our cocounsel personal injury lawyers in Florida can talk about your options with you. You may have spent decades building a personal injury practice, and may be looking to find a litigation firm for your cases so you can enjoy the better part of your retirement. Give us a call to see how we can help you wind down your practice and ease into retirement without giving away or walking away from your practice that you worked so hard to build.

You generally cannot sell a personal injury law practice in the state of Florida. However, you may be able to merge your practice in with another law firm in order to ease yourself into retirement. We are happy to discuss your practice with you to see how we may be able to work together to support your practice.

You are an Attorney Looking to Expand you Practice and Want a Florida Accident and Injury Lawyer to co Counsel or Partner With

Personal injury law in Florida is an exciting field. Most importantly, you get to help a lot of people who are hurt because of the negligence of somebody else. Dealing with insurance companies however can be very complex and often requires a significant amount of experience. If you are a younger lawyer looking to expand your practice to personal injury, or have some personal injury cases and need a senior lawyer to assist you, feel free to call the personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin to assist you. We’re happy to discuss your cases with you to see how we can help your practice grow.

Florida Negligent Security Lawyers

If you are an attorney who represents a family whose loved one was shot and killed at a property in Florida, our Florida negligent security attorneys have handled many wrongful death claims on behalf of shooting victims. We can handle apartment complex shooting death negligent security claims, wrongful death claims against bars and restaurants, parking lot shooting claims, civil claims for families of murder victims, gas station negligence claims, crime victim compensation fund claims, and any other claim where a person was killed on someone else’s property as a result of negligence.

In the criminal case, the State of Florida often focuses on punishing the criminal. In the civil claim, we focus on the crime itself to analyze whether the crime was foreseeable and preventable. We can conduct an extensive investigation into the property and crime to see whether there is a civil claim to pursue. We often receive referrals from other lawyers to cocounsel in a negligent security claim in Florida.

Call the Lawyer’s Lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin at (800) 337-7755

We call ourselves the lawyer’s lawyers because we receive so many referrals year-over-year from lawyers around the country. We are grateful for the opportunity and experience to help lawyers try to reach the potential of case values in the best interest of their clients. If you need to refer a personal injury case in the state of Florida, or are looking to find out your options if you were thinking of retiring or winding down your personal injury practice, or for litigation support to file lawsuits in your car accident, slip and fall, product liability, life insurance claim, wrongful death or other personal injury presuit cases, call the injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today to see how we can help you. You can reach us any time at 800-337-7755 or send us a message through our contact form.

We look forward to helping you!

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Ted M.

"I never had a problem reaching them or getting the answers I needed. They kept me well informed throughout my case, making sure that I understood what actions they were taking until the very end. Thank You, Jason Turchin and staff."

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"I had a great experience with this firm. The attorneys and staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this firm."

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