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Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. consists of a fleet of over 20 ships, 2 of which are recognized as the largest in the world. The company is based out of Miami, Florida and sails all around the world. Celebrity Cruises is a sister company of Royal Caribbean, Ltd., consisting of at least 11 ships. RCCL’s fleet and control over the world cruising market make it one of the largest cruise ship companies in the world. If you were injured on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises vacation, call Royal Caribbean accident attorney Jason Turchin at (800) 337-7755.

Cruise vacationing is seen as an affordable, yet extravagant way to explore the world by ship. Families all over the world trust their lives to major cruise companies such as Royal Caribbean when they board their ship. Cruise guests are often encouraged to “let loose,” and have a good time. You can enjoy the sun, the breeze, the ocean, and the food all from the safety and security of your ship.

The reality is, cruises are often not as safe as they feel or as secure as they look. Often, cruise company negligence permits accidents that result in serious injury or even death to their guests. Where does one turn when their vacation is ruined and their health is in jeopardy?

If you or a loved one have been the victim of negligence while aboard a Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruise ship, contact my office as soon as possible for a free consultation with a Royal Caribbean Cruise Injury Attorney at (888) 99-VICTIM.

I was Injured While on a Royal Caribbean Ship. What Should I do Next?

Take Care of Yourself!

You will first need to make sure you get the medical attention that your health requires. This is important for your healing process as well as documenting your injuries and complaints for your claim against the cruise company.

Don’t wait! Call our office as soon as possible!

Your cruise contract and general maritime law only allow a certain amount of time for you to file a claim or a lawsuit. You can view a Royal Caribbean Sample Contract here. The longer you wait, the further you are from resolving your case. Our office has Maritime Lawyers with experience against Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. We know what your cruise contract requires, and we can handle your claim or lawsuit no matter where you live!

Contact the Law Offices of Jason Turchin to discuss your injury aboard Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises at (888) 99-VICTIM!

Do I Need a Florida Attorney?

Your passenger contract often controls where you must bring a cruise accident claim. When pursuing a claim or filing a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises, the contract generally requires a Florida Maritime Lawyer because your cruise contract restricts you to Florida. Some ships require different venues, so call us to be sure.

Ships We can Make Claims Against

Our cruise lawyers have handled claims against many Royal Caribbean ships. We can help with an injury claim against Royal Caribbean on any of the following ships:

  • Oasis Of The Seas
  • Allure of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Symphony of the Seas
  • Quantum of the Seas
  • Anthem of the Seas
  • Ovation of the Seas
  • Freedom Of The Seas
  • Independence Of The Seas
  • Liberty Of The Seas
  • Adventure Of The Seas
  • Explorer Of The Seas
  • Mariner Of The Seas
  • Navigator Of The Seas
  • Voyager Of The Seas
  • Majesty Of The Seas
  • Monarch Of The Seas
  • Enchantment Of The Seas
  • Grandeur Of The Seas
  • Legend Of The Seas
  • Rhapsody Of The Seas
  • Splendour Of The Seas
  • Vision Of The Seas
  • Brilliance Of The Seas
  • Jewel Of The Seas
  • Radiance Of The Seas
  • Serenade Of The Seas

What if I do not Live in Florida?

The Law Offices of Jason Turchin handles claims and lawsuits for out of state clients on a daily basis, especially those injured while on vacation. We have experience necessary to ensure the handling of your case even if you do not live in the state of Florida. For many cases, you may not even need to travel to Florida.

What if My Child was Injured on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

If your child was injured while aboard a Royal Caribbean ship, our office can handle your case! We have experience in pursuing cases for minors against all major cruise companies. Our staff is trained to handle cases involving minors with confidentiality and compassion. When children are hurt, we understand that the stress on the parents is sometimes too difficult to handle. We can help! Call our office to discuss your child’s injury while on a Royal Caribbean or Celebrity cruise for a free consultation at (800) 337-7755.

Common injuries and claims while on cruises:

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