Day Care Injuries

Florida Daycare Injuries

When you need a Florida daycare injury lawyer, you want a lawyer who cares about the best interest of your child. We put the well being of our child in the hands of others when we drop them off at daycare. What happens after the parent leaves is unknown. We hope our child is being kept safe and watched closely, but the reality is, the daycare center may not have been taking care of your child the way they should have. If your child has suffered an injury while at a daycare center, it may be as a result of negligence. Our office has Florida Child Injury Attorneys available to speak with you for a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your child’s injuries.

Florida Daycare Requirements

Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Key West, and the entire state of Florida have child injury laws that regulate all aspects of the daycare center your child is attending. In Florida, it is illegal for these standards not to be met. If a daycare center does not meet the Florida daycare standards set by the Florida Department of Children and Families and Florida daycare statute, your child can become the victim of negligence.

Do you Know What Florida Statutes Regulate?

  • Minimum Age of Daycare Employees
  • Staff-to-child ratio
  • Daycare capacity
  • Mixing of age groups
  • Supervision of children
  • Naptime supervision
  • Daycare field trips
  • Supervision of daycare field trips
  • Daycare vehicles
  • Capacity of daycare vehicles
  • Discipline methods and notice
  • Child safety
  • Daycare physical environment
  • Lighting in the daycare center
  • Temperature of the daycare center
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Shade and fencing of outdoor play areas
  • Daycare pool areas
  • Equipment safety
  • Parental notice of injury
  • Staff CPR qualifications
  • Medicine administration

How Children can be Injured at Daycare in Florida?

Children can get hurt when the daycare has violated the above Florida daycare statutes, negligently maintained the center, provided unsafe toys and equipment to the children, or demonstrated a lack of supervision over the children. Violation of any of the above statutes opens the doors to potential injury to your child. If your child was injured, the daycare center may be responsible. We understand that injury to your child can make you feel helpless. We can help! Please call our Daycare Injury Attorneys for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Falls in Daycare

Negligent supervision can result in children suffering from injuries due to falls. When young children are left unattended they can suffer serious injuries from falling. Children can fall from chairs, changing tables, stairs, and many other locations. Injuries to the head, neck, and back can have serious effects. If your child has sustained injuries due to a fall, or has complained about falling while at a daycare center in Florida, the daycare center may be at fault. Call our office to speak with a Florida Child Injury Attorney and have a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your child’s injuries.

Sunburns While at Daycare

Severe sunburns while your child was at daycare could potentially be the result of negligence. In the state of Florida, daycare centers are required to provide a shaded area for children while outside. They are also required to closely supervise children while outside. Severe sunburns at a young age could require medical treatment and have long lasting, permanent effects. If your child has been severely sunburned while in the care of a daycare center, please contact us, Florida Child Injury Attorneys, for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Cuts on Sharp Objects at Daycare

In accordance with Florida state statutes, daycare centers are required to keep all space occupied by children free of hazards. If your child has been cut while at daycare, they may have come into contact with a hazardous tool or sharp object that they should not have under reasonable care and supervision of the daycare center. These cuts or lesions could require immediate medical treatment. Please contact us if your child has suffered from a cut or lesion while in the care of their daycare center.

Bullying, Inappropriate Touching, Abuse

The daycare center is responsible for constantly supervising all children in their care. Negligent supervision is the cause of issues such as bullying, inappropriate touching, abuse and physical assault in the daycare center. When children are negligently supervised, they can become the victims of very serious crimes. If your child has been the victim of inappropriate behavior on behalf of another child, the daycare center may be responsible. Our office has handled cases against daycare centers in Florida for acts of sexual battery, child molestation, inappropriate touch and battery, abuse and physical assault. We are trained to deal with these sensitive issues with compassion and diligence. If you feel your child has been the victim of abuse at their daycare center, call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION with a Child Daycare Injury Attorney.

Choking at Daycare

Florida statutes regulate the types of toys that are made available to children while in a daycare center. Only age appropriate toys are allowed to be within reach of children. When children are permitted to play with toys that are not for their age group, they can become the victims of negligent supervision. Many toy age limits are established due to choking hazard. Choking hazards are very serious. If your child has been treated by physicians due to choking on an item at a daycare center, the daycare center may be responsible. Calling our office to speak with a Daycare Accident Attorney will help get you the answers you need.

Incorrect Administration of Medicine

Daycare centers in Florida are permitted to administer medication approved by the parent and/or guardian. While your child is in the care of a daycare center, the dosage of medication is to be permitted in writing by the parent. If your child has been given medication without your consent or instruction, or has been given medication incorrectly, the results can be devastating. Improper dosage of medicine can require immediate medical treatment. If your child has been the victim of incorrect or improper medication administration, please call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Parental Notice of Injury

Did the daycare center not contact you when your child was injured? Florida law requires parents and guardians to be notified immediately of the following observations:

  • Severe coughing
  • Difficult or rapid breathing
  • Stiff neck
  • Diarrhea
  • High temperature
  • Pink eye
  • Exposed or open skin lesions
  • Unusually dark urine or discolored stool
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Any unusual sign or symptom of illness or injury

Occasionally, these can be signs of serious or life threatening illnesses or injuries. Notifying the parents or guardians is essential to the well being of the child. Letting some of these symptoms or injuries go without medical treatment may have long lasting effects on the child. Lack of treatment of a high temperature, open wound, or severe coughing can have serious consequences. If your child has suffered as the result of an unnoticed, unattended, and untreated injury or condition, the daycare center may be at fault!

What do I do if my Child has Been Injured at Daycare?

Seek the necessary medical treatment for your child. Their health is top concern! Retain a copy of the medical records and charges of this treatment. Then, make sure the injury, illness, or accident is reported in writing and that you have a copy of this report. If you can, take pictures or your child’s injuries immediately. It is helpful to take pictures of the scene or location of the injury or accident. Find out exactly who was on duty when your child was injured and document their names and ages for your records. Call our office at (888) 99-VICTIM for a FREE CONSULTATION with a Child Daycare Personal Injury Attorney in Florida to discuss the potential negligence that caused your child’s injuries!

While these circumstances do not encompass all possibilities of injury in a daycare center, they are the most common. If you feel your child has been the victim of negligence at a daycare center, call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION. The daycare center may be responsible for your child’s injuries and our office can help! Our offices have handled cases in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Naples, Kissimmee, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, and other cities throughout Florida.

Whether you need a Miami daycare injury lawyer, Ft Lauderdale day care accident attorney, Homestead child care lawyers, or Orlando daycare center accident law firm, call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation today. We are on call and open late and on weekends for consultations.

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