Gainsco Insurance and MGA Insurance Group

Gainsco Insurance Company and MGA Insurance Group

Florida Lawyers with experience against Gainsco Insurance Company!

Gainsco Insurance is based out of Dallas, Texas and was established in 1978. Gainsco has a regional office in Miami, Florida and operates all insurance business through their subsidiary company, MGA Insurance Company, a Texas corporation.

Unlike most insurance companies in Florida, Gainsco only offers automobile insurance in Florida. In our experience, they are very difficult with clients who are not represented by attorneys. Call Florida accident attorney Jason Turchin at 800-337-7755 for assistance with an auto accident claim with Gainsco in Florida.

Claims against Gainsco Insurance Company

-Automobile accidents
-Wrongful death
-Motorcycle accidents

Florida Lawyers with experience against the MGA Insurance Group!

MGA Insurance Group is a Florida based subsidiary of Gainsco Insurance Company, offering insurance since 1990. Unlike Gainsco, MGA offers different types of insurance coverage. MGA offers automobile insurance, property insurance, homeowner’s insurance, commercial automobile insurance, and more.

Claims against MGA Insurance Group

-Automobile accidents
-Wrongful death
-Private boating accidents
-Slip and fall
-Motorcycle accidents
-Homeowner’s insurance claims
-Life insurance denials

The Law Offices of Jason Turchin have experience pursuing claims against both Gainsco Insurance and MGA Insurance Group. Our office has handled over 4,500 accident and personal injury claims against these insurance companies and others in Florida. Our office has the experience needed to pursue your claim successfully.

Contact my office at (888) 99- VICTIM to speak with a Gainsco Insurance Claim Lawyer or an MGA Insurance Claim Attorney in Florida for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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