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Travelers was incorporated as St. Paul Fire and Marine Casualty Insurance in 1853. It is currently the second largest commercial property insurer in the United States and the third largest personal insurance company in the United States reporting approximately $25 billion in revenue in 2012. 

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Claims against Travelers Insurance Company

-Automobile accidents
-Slip and fall
-Homeowners claims
-Life insurance denials
-Private boating accidents
-Commercial property accidents
-Motorcycle accident claims
-Wrongful death
-Fatal car accidents

Travelers often operates through subsidiary companies. Subsidiary companies are companies that may be owned and operated by another larger company.

Travelers Subsidiaries we may handle cases against in Florida include:

-Travelers of Florida
-Travelers of Massachusetts
-Constitution State Services
-Discover Re
-Northland Insurance

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Throughout the years, Jason Turchin represented many accident claims against Travelers in Florida. Some include car accident claims where a victim underwent epidural injections following a car accident, traumatic brain injury claims, drunk driving crash victim claims, motorcycle accidents, soft tissue claims, sprain and strains, and accidental death claims in Florida.

We handle Travelers claims throughout Florida, including Travelers accidents claim injuries in Miami, Ft Lauderdale Travelers accident cases, Key West Travelers Insurance Claims in Orlando, and other Travelers Insurance Lawsuit cases in Tampa, Naples, Key Largo, Kendall, Pinecrest, Weston, Sunrise, Cooper City, and many other cities.