Wrongful Death Checklist

Florida Wrongful Death Checklist

If you lost a loved one as a result of a fatal accident in Florida, Florida medical malpractice, drunk driving car accident in FL, or other wrongful death, here are some tips to help guide you through this difficult time:
  1. Do not give any statements to any insurance company without speaking with us first
  2. Do not fill out any forms for any insurance company before speaking with us
  3. Try to find out the police report number and investigating agency, if there is one
  4. Save all funeral receipts
  5. Save receipts from all other expenses incurred because of the death
  6. Locate the Will, if any
  7. Secure your loved one's property from the Medical Examiner once released
  8. Do not pay any of your loved one's bills without speaking with us first (you may not have to pay them at all)
  9. Get the names and contact information of any witness
This checklist is not exhaustive and should not be relied on as legal advice. These are just some tips to help you begin to deal with the loss. It is for general information only, as each case is unique. For help with your specific Florida wrongful death case, call FL wrongful death lawyer Jason Turchin at 800-337-7755 or submit your case information online for a free consultation.