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How to Find the Best Life Insurance Interpleader Attorney in Florida

An experienced Florida life insurance interpleader lawsuit attorney may be necessary when there is a dispute over who gets the proceeds of the life insurance policy. If you were served with a life insurance lawsuit in interpleader, call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation. Our interpleader lawyers can assist with life insurance interpleaders in Florida, New York, New Jersey and more.

Tips to Finding the Best Interpleader Lawyer for a Life Insurance Claim in Florida

  • Experience matters – there are not many attorneys handling life insurance claims in Florida. You should find an attorney who handles not just life insurance claims, but also has experience in life insurance interpleader lawsuits. Not all do.
  • Contingency fee – some of the top life insurance attorneys handle interpleader lawsuits on a contingency fee. That means you do not pay any money out of pocket today attorney, and they only get paid if you settle or win your case.
  • Federal court experience – many life insurance interpleader lawsuits are filed in federal court in Florida. Life insurance attorneys should be familiar with practice in federal court.
  • Settlement experience – often times life insurance settlements come down to risk assessment. The life insurance attorney should understand the issues in the case and be able to advise you, and fight to try to get the best results based on the facts.

Life Insurance Interpleader Examples

Over the years our office has handled many life insurance interpleader lawsuits. Some of the most common interpleader lawsuits are:

  • Caregiver changes – Caregivers are often in a position of influence and control over an elderly or disabled person. Beneficiary changes made to a caregiver may be scrutinized for undue influence, or lack of capacity of the insured.
  • Divorced spouse – Florida statutes were recently changed to treat a divorce spouse as having predeceased the other spouse for purposes of life insurance. There are many exceptions to the statute, however.
  • Beneficiary designation changes – An interpleader lawsuit in Florida may arise when there is a change to the beneficiary on the life insurance policy. Typically, the challenges are made as a result of an alleged claim of undue influence, or that the insured on the policy lack the capacity to make the change, or suffered from an insane delusion at the time the change was made.
life insurance interpleader

What Courts in Florida may a Life Insurance Interpleader Lawsuit be Filed?

Federal court – There are three United States districts in Florida where an interpleader lawsuit for life insurance benefits could be filed. Those are the United States District Court for the Southern, Middle, and Northern District of Florida.

Within each of the three districts are several federal courts in various counties in Florida. A life insurance interpleader lawsuit could be filed, for example, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami division.

A Federal life insurance interpleader lawsuit is typically filed by a life insurance company that resides outside of the state of Florida, and is filed against a Florida resident and residents of different states than where the life insurance company is located. It is typically filed where the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000. This is called diversity jurisdiction where the parties are from different states and the amount in controversy exceed $75,000.

State court – State courts are generally broken down in Florida into Circuit Court and County Court. Florida circuit courts generally have jurisdiction over claims in excess of $15,000, while Florida county courts generally have jurisdiction over amounts less than $15,000.

If you were served with an interpleader lawsuit in Miami Dade County, you may need a Miami life insurance lawyer familiar with the Miami Dade circuit court rules. Similarly, if you received an interpleader lawsuit on a life insurance claim in Broward, you may need a Broward County, Florida life insurance attorney.

If you have any questions, or were served with a life insurance interpleader lawsuit, contact us as soon as possible. You may only have 20 days to respond or your claim could be barred forever. Call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation.

Prior results do not guarantee any future success as all cases are unique. Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular life insurance claim.

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