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Over the past several years, our life insurance attorneys have settled many life insurance disputes and life insurance claim denial cases. If you have a life insurance dispute, or are not sure if you have a case, feel free to call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation. The following are some examples:

$Full Benefits – After a client’s claim was delayed and she kept getting the runaround from her life insurance company after her husband died, our office was successful in getting her full benefits, plus interest.

$Full Benefits – Our office successfully recovered full benefits plus interest for a family whose life insurance company initially refused to pay benefits because the person who died failed to list a beneficiary on the policy. We set up an Estate and got the insurance company to tender the benefits to the Estate so we can distribute the benefits to the family.

$Confidential Settlement – Case was settled for more than half the policy limit where a claim was denied for material misrepresentation after a woman died. Investigation revealed that the policy contained some misrepresentations, but we were able to prove that they may not have been material to the issuance of the policy, thereby invoking coverage. The insurance company also he the client sign an amendment to the policy application after it was already in place, which we argued had no additional consideration or relevance since they already issued the policy.

$Policy Limits – The insurance company cancelled the life insurance for. On-payment of the premium after the two year contestability period. Investigation revealed that the insurance company miscalculated the insurance payments and failed to properly apply the insurance payments.

$Confidential Settlement – After the insurance company denied the life insurance policy for material misrepresentation during the two year contestability period, our life insurance lawyers proved that the application has a provision which required the applicant to have known of certain prior medical conditions. Since the applicant had died, it would be nearly impossible for the life insurance company to prove what the policy holder would have known. The case settled soon after the proof was submitted to the life insurance company.

$Confidential Settlement – After a young girl was killed in an accident, her mother found out she had a life insurance policy through work. After sub,tilting a claim for benefits, the insurance company denied the claim, claiming she failed to disclose a hepatitis like disorder. The alleged disorder was a congenital defect which was controlled and had no symptoms or prospective issues. The policy also contained a provision which would require the life insurance company to prove what the young girl knew at the time she applied for coverage. We were able to recover nearly 90% of the policy limits for our client.

$Confidential Settlement – Agent negligence claim was made against a life insurance agent who filled out the life insurance application for a non-English speaking client. The client did not understand what he was signing and it was not explained to him. The agent checked off that the applicant had no prior medical conditions and never asked the applicant. When he died, the life insurance company denied the claim and cancelled the policy.

$250,000.00 Settlement – Interpleader settlement for beneficiary against a competing beneficiary who tried to argue that our client was not entitled to any money on the life insurance policy.

$400,000.00 Settlement – Interpleader recovery for family who was allegedly removed from the life insurance policy by the decedent’s girlfriend.

Remember that every case is unique and prior results do not guarantee future results.

Client Reviews

"Throughout the whole process until my settlement, they kept me informed, they were professional to deal with and explained the the process in detail. I would not only use the Law offices of Jason Turchin again but I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. Thank you for your service."

Ted M.

"I never had a problem reaching them or getting the answers I needed. They kept me well informed throughout my case, making sure that I understood what actions they were taking until the very end. Thank You, Jason Turchin and staff."

Mallie M.

"I had a great experience with this firm. The attorneys and staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this firm."

Christopher S.

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