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The Critical Importance of Product Safety in Crafting Tools

Jason Turchin, Esq.

A Cautionary Tale:

The world of arts and crafts offers a creative outlet and a sense of accomplishment, with tools and materials designed to bring our artistic visions to life. However, a recent incident involving the Artskills hot glue gun serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers lurking in even the most commonplace crafting tools.

The Incident in Detail

In a distressing event, a consumer reported to the CPSC that the Artskills hot glue gun, a seemingly innocuous and widely used crafting tool, malfunctioned dramatically. Within minutes of being plugged in, the device not only overheated but also exploded, resulting in severe injuries to the user. The explosion caused third-degree burns, necessitating multiple skin graft surgeries — a painful and traumatic experience with lasting physical and emotional impacts.

This incident underscores a crucial issue: the safety of crafting tools, often taken for granted, is of paramount importance. The expectation that such devices are safe and reliable turned into a painful ordeal for the victim, highlighting significant concerns over product design, manufacturing standards, and consumer safety.

glue gun burn

The Legal and Ethical Dimensions

From a legal standpoint, this incident brings product liability sharply into focus. Manufacturers are obligated to ensure their products are safe for consumer use and must adhere to strict safety standards. When products like the Artskills hot glue gun fail and cause harm, it raises questions about the adequacy of those standards and the rigor of safety testing.

Ethically, companies have a responsibility to their customers to provide safe, reliable products. When this ethical duty is breached, particularly in cases leading to severe injury, the ramifications extend beyond the legal consequences. Trust is broken, brand reputation suffers, and, most critically, consumers’ lives are impacted. Victims of glue gun malfunctions could be entitled to file a product liability lawsuit for damages including medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Preventative Measures and Consumer Safety

In light of such incidents, it is important for manufacturers to conduct thorough testing, particularly for tools that generate heat or are used in close contact with the user’s body. Implementing more rigorous quality control measures and adhering to higher safety standards can prevent such devastating accidents.

Additionally, consumers should be made aware of the potential risks associated with using crafting tools. Proper usage guidelines, safety warnings, and emergency instructions should be clearly provided with all products. Awareness and education are key components in preventing accidents and ensuring that crafting remains a safe and enjoyable activity.


The unfortunate incident involving the Artskills hot glue gun may be a wake-up call for both manufacturers and consumers. It emphasizes the need for stringent safety standards, thorough product testing, and clear communication regarding the use and risks of crafting tools. As we pursue our creative projects, let us not overlook the importance of safety. Manufacturers must prioritize the well-being of their consumers, and individuals must remain vigilant and informed to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. Let this incident serve as a reminder that safety should never be compromised for creativity.

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