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Florida Child Molestation Victim Compensation

Our Florida victim’s rights attorneys have represented countless victims of child molestation in civil claims for compensation. If your child was molested by a day care worker, or by a neighbor, teacher, pastor, or anyone else, you may be able to file a civil claim in addition to a criminal case. Feel free to call us anytime at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation. We handle civil child molestation claims throughout the entire state of Florida, whether it happened in Key West, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Pensacola or in between.

It is impossible for a person to argue that a child consented to sexual activity because, in the eyes of the law, children are unable to consent to sexual activity. Florida courts take sexual offenses involving minors very seriously, and people who are convicted of these offenses can expect to end up facing very strict penalties, including life imprisonment. The state of Florida has also created legislation that eliminates the statute of limitations related to both civil and criminal actions relating to sexual battery against a child.

One type of civil action initiated against individuals who have molested others is a suit for compensation for the numerous types of damages often faced by sexual abuse survivors. To help obtain compensation when a child is molested, our office focuses on the crime itself. Our experienced Florida crime victim rights lawyers look to see whether the incident was preventable, and seek to hold those who contributed or could have prevent.

What Constitutes Molestation?

Molestation affects two groups of individuals:

  1. Children: Child Protective Services reports that it finds evidence to support a child molestation claim every eight minutes, which equates to over 63,000 children being subject to molestation each year. Unfortunately, a large number of these cases involve children who are molested by family members. Sometimes, this category includes other adults who the children knows and trusts, including coaches, counselors, teachers, and religious leaders.
  2. Adults: A number of adults also end up being the victims of molestation. This category includes patients who are sexually abused by medical professionals, as well as elderly individuals who are subject to sexual abuse while at nursing homes or receiving care.

The Reason Why Compensation Exists

Many children who have been subject to molestation experience difficulties in adapting and growing; this can cause social, academic, and behavior problems long-term. Unfortunately, a large number of sexual abuse survivors, both adults and children, end up facing mental illnesses including anxiety, addiction, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In order to help those who are victims of molestation move forward with their lives, financial compensation may be available.

Types of Molestation Claims We Handle

  • Apartment/complex/neighbor molestation: We have represented numerous children who were molested in apartment complexes or other types of communities.
  • Church of God: Our law firm has represented numerous sexual abuse survivors who were molested as children under the Church of God local chapters. In these situations, the question is whether the events were foreseeable and preventable.
  • Church molestation: Our molestation lawyers have handled numerous cases against churches where a child was molested by a religious worker.
  • Daycare molestation: Our lawyers have represented numerous children who were molested at daycare centers by workers.
  • Mall molestation: Following molestation in a mall bathroom, our lawyers have helped sexual abuse survivors pursue claims against malls.
  • Patient molestation: We have represented patients at numerous hospital and other types of medical facilities who were subject to molestation or sexual assault while coming out of anesthesia.

Speak With an Experienced Attorney

Our Florida child molestation victim’s rights law firm is dedicated to eradicating the occurrence of molestation and other acts of child sexual abuse. We focus on providing victims with the justice, remedies, and options possible to obtain compensation. Contact our law office today to schedule an initial free consultation.We are open late and weekends to help with your case.

We also work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you recover compensation for the incident. Otherwise, we waive all attorneys’ fees and costs.

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