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Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement Claims

We are investigating cases where a Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement device failed and required replacement or revision surgery, or other injuries as a result of the hip device failure.

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Europe was the first to see the sales of hip replacement devices by Zimmer in 2003 followed by America in 2006 after its FDA approval. They provided hip replacement cups to a large number of patients for Total Hip Anthroplasty surgery and hip replacement surgeries.

The device consists of a metal cup and head, which is used to create metal on metal joint. The device created grind during movement by the patient, which led to corrosion and decomposition of metal debris in the hip area, leading to injuries and infections. This allegedly caused the device and the replacement to fail miserably, hence forcing the company to stop the production and recall all its delivered pieces.

When Did It Happen?

It was in 2008 that the complaints allegedly started coming in with the debris causing infections and injury in its users further leading to revision surgery for many. This raised a major concern in patients with metal on metal joint and followed by many questions about its reliability.

Signs of Hip Replacement Device Failure

The initial concerns were wrapped around having painful and noisy joints that made it difficult to move. Many overlooked it until they realized that the device was failing and might cause everlasting damage to the joint with a serious injury. This resulted in a revision surgery, which was another painful experience that the patients had to go through to cure the excruciating pain from the previous surgery of replacement. In many cases, pain medication was administered instantly to ease the patient of his suffering and discomfort.

If someone is going through these painfully noisy joints or other injuries after replacement, then it is time they consult the Law Offices of Jason Turchin to consider filling a lawsuit against the Zimmer Durom makers. A sample checklist for symptoms of the failure:

  • Inability to move due to stiff joints
  • Unbearable pain
  • Noisy joint
  • Inflammation around the area of replacement
  • Infection due debris accumulation
  • Fractures or dislocation of hip or adjoining areas due to the device

You may require a correction or extraction surgery to remove the device.

If you are experiencing above signs after replacement surgery or underwent a replacement surgery, you can call Jason Turchin for help.

Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Patients suffering from the injury due to the Zimmer Durom hip cup replacement have filed lawsuits all over the country to recover their medical expenses, pain and suffering, and inability to work.

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You could get significant money damages to help cover medical expenses, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering if you experienced a device failure or additional surgery.

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