Car Accident Checklist

Florida Car Accident Checklist – Legal Tips for Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Victims

  1. Call the Police. The police can document the accident and record important information to help with your car insurance claim afterwards. Keep the emergency telephone number handy, which may help you to get immediate medical help 24×7 if you or the passengers need medical attention. It is one of the best options at that point of time.
  2. Safety is another major factor of concern after an accident. It is important to make other people aware that your car has been crashed. If possible, your car should be moved to a safe location. If not, make sure you are in a safe location and away from traffic.
  3. Get medical attention immediately if you have any pain. It is not advisable to move, since there can be major injuries as well.
  4. Even if you do not want to see a doctor right away, you should tell the officer if you have any pain at the accident scene. They often note this on the report.
  5. Download the My Attorney App on iTunes or the Android Market to use our valuable Accident Crash Kit.
  6. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses. It may be important to gather information regarding car accident from the witnesses and anyone else at the accident scene. The information should include his/her name, address, and city as well as contact numbers.
  7. Get the insurance policy number and company name from the at-fault driver, as well as their name, phone number and address. This may significantly speed up the handling of your accident case.
  8. Taking pictures of the car accident will be another useful step. These pictures will be very beneficial for the attorney as sometimes insurance companies does not settle the insurance amount easily and may dispute how the accident occurred or where the property damage came from.
  9. Get a copy of the short form accident report, driver’s exchange or the case number and name of the responding police department. This could help speed up the handling of your case. Information regarding the police officer should also be gathered, including his name, city and badge number.
  10. Call your own insurance company to report the claim. Many insurance policies require you to report the accident as soon as practical. Failure to do this could void your coverage for the accident.
  11. Call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation. There are no fees or costs if there is no recovery, so feel free to call if you had any injuries in the crash.
  12. Provide the car accident attorney with a detailed description of the car accident.
  13. Do not give any formal statements to your insurance company or the other person’s insurance company without speaking with us first.
  14. Do not sign any documents or releases without having your Florida lawyer review the documents first. Car insurance companies will sometimes have your sign a general release of all claims, even when you only mean to release your property damage case. This could bar you from later making a claim for bodily injury.

The above list is for general information only and should not be relied on as legal advice. Every case is unique. For more information on your Miami car accident case, or auto accident claim in Florida, call us at (800) 337-7755 or submit your inquiry online.

In today’s era, majority of people drive certain vehicles either to earn money or for luxury purposes. A Car Accident could be a major or minor one but in both cases there could be a great loss depending upon the situation. Awareness of all of the protective measures should be adopted immediately.

After an accident has occurred, a person may be in a state of shock and may lose the ability to fully assess and comprehend what is happening at that particular time. His gestures and instant response at that time are considered to be very valuable. It is always advised to keep the free car accident checklist in the dash box for this uneasy situation of having a car accident.

In today’s car accident claim world, attorneys can prove to be a real helping hand in case of automobile accident. They may help you to recover from the loss, pain and suffering caused by the car accident in a very short span of time by assisting you with getting all medical expenses paid, wages reimbursed, compensation awarded by insurance companies.

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