Tire Tread Separation Lawsuit in Florida

Tire tread separation can be deadly if your tread separates from the tire while you were driving. Over the years, there have been many tire tread separation lawsuits filed throughout the United States. Under product liability law, the tire company or auto body shop may be responsible to pay compensation to customers injured after their tread separated from the tire and caused injury or wrongful death to the driver or passenger. If tread separation contributed to your car or truck accident, call a product liability lawyer at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today for a free consultation at (800) 337-7755 or feel free to use our free live chat on our website to discuss the possibility of filing a tread separation lawsuit in Florida.

Tire Tread Separation Claim Help in Florida

Our Florida product liability lawyers have helped pursue tread separation claims throughout the state, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and beyond. Tread separation can be extremely dangerous if you are traveling on a highway, like the Florida Turnpike, I-95, I-4 or I-75. In a tread separation lawsuit in Florida, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and more. The time may be limited to file a trade separation claim in Florida.

What is Tire Tread Separation?

Tread separation occurs when the tread separates from the body of the tire. This can be extremely dangerous if you were traveling at high speeds. Tread separation could cause the car to go out of control and crash, causing serious bodily injury or death to the driver or passengers in a Florida car accident.

What are Tire Tread Separation Causes?

A number of factors can cause tire tread separation. In a recent case we handled, a body shop sold retreaded tires. The adhesive on the retreaded tires came loose while the customer was driving down the street. This caused her to lose control and crash, causing fractures and other serious injuries. We were able to settle the tread separation case to help provide the compensation she deserved.

How do I Find a Tread Separation Lawyer Near Me?

The tread separation lawyers in Florida handle product liability claims throughout the entire state of Florida, including all state and federal courts. We offer a free consultation to discuss your claim to see whether or not you have a case to pursue, and handle our product liability claims on a contingency fee basis which means that you do not have to pay us any money out of pocket for us to pursue your claim. We only get paid if you receive compensation for your injuries, or wrongful death caused by tire tread separation.

Free Consultation Lawyer for Tread Separation Case in Florida

If you were injured after the tread on a tire separated, or a loved one died in a crash as a result of tread that separated from the body of the tire, you may be able to file a tread separation lawsuit in Florida to recover compensation. Call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation to see if you have a manufacturing defect claim.

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