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Airbag attorney Jason Turchin has appeared on CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, WSVN/Fox Miami, Telemundo, NBC6, CBS4, and other media outlets as one of the leading airbag attorneys in the US.

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While airbag lawyers can’t say they are the best airbag lawyers in the country, our law firm already represents several victims of airbag defect claims, the most out of any other attorney we know of. We’ve also resolved other airbag cases, including against Takata, the company at the front of the recent airbag recall. Our firm filed the first Federal airbag lawsuit in Miami in October 2014 against Takata Corp, TK Holdings, and Honda on behalf of a Miami Gardens woman injured when a piece of shrapnel shot her in the forehead and caused her to sustain serious life-changing injuries.

Airbag Attorney Jason Turchin is a #1 Best Selling Author in Personal Injury and Car Accident Law, on the Super Lawyers Rising Star list for 2014, has been featured in the ABA Journal, and has already been interviewed on the Takata Airbag Recall and Airbag Injuries by several media outlets.

Our goal is to figure out what the cause of the airbag defects are, and to hold these companies responsible for any injury caused by a defective and dangerous product. Our own clients have already sustained injuries ranging from fractures in the face, stabbing in the leg, burns to the fact and arms, melting skin on the leg, lacerations, loss of smell, and many other horrible injuries from these alleged airbag defects and airbag explosions.

Common airbag injuries may include:

Leg Injuries – When fragments of metal shoot out from the airbag and strike a driver’s leg or passenger’s leg, it can break through the skin and cause fractures, lacerations requiring stitches and could leave permanent scars.

Chest Injuries – Airbag explosions can cause metal fragments to strike the chest area, causing fractured ribs, lacerations, and even death if the metal goes through the chest cavity and strikes the heart, veins or nerves.

Facial and Eye Injuries – When the airbag deploys and is defective, pieces of metal can fly towards a driver or passenger’s face. The metal can cut through the skin, strike the facial bones and even go through an eye into the brain. Metal shrapnel injuries can cause broken bones, blindness, loss of smell, disfiguring scars, and more.

Wrongful Death and Fatal Injuries – When a piece of metal flies through an airbag at the speed of a bullet, it could pierce through skin easily and kill a driver or passenger. The only difference we see between a fatal airbag explosion and an injured victim is simply luck. A spouse, children, or other survivor may have a airbag wrongful death case.

Neck and Back Injuries – When an airbag deploys with significant pressure, it can cause the driver or passenger to sustain neck and back injuries, including whiplash, disc bulge, disc herniation, disc protrusion and sprain and strains. These can require physical therapy, injections and surgery, including a spinal fusion.

Burn Injuries – When an airbag explodes, the driver or passenger may suffer serious burns. It has been reported that a powder-like substance may shoot out and cause chemical burns as well.

Common airbag defect claims may include:

Shrapnel Claims – Some of our clients have reported having pieces of metal shoot out through the actual airbag and strike their body. These could be the small metal cap that holds the airbag in place, or actual pieces of frayed metal shooting through the airbag after a literal explosion inside the airbag console.

Spontaneous Airbag Deployment – Airbags are supposed to deploy when certain sensors are triggered, like after an accident at a certain speed. Our clients have reported their airbags deploying when no accident even occurred. They could be sitting in a parking lot, or driving on a highway. This could happen when the airbag console is compromised or defective, and becomes an accident waiting to happen.

Failure of the Airbag to Deploy – After an a high speed crash, your airbag should deploy. When the airbag is defective, it could fail to open, leading to serious injuries or death. We’ve seen airbag units with corrosion and rust, which could cause or contribute to an airbag not deploying after an accident.

At the Law Offices of Jason Turchin, we know how to fight the airbag manufacturer and car companies to seek the most money for your injuries and to get you the money you deserve. We’ve already resolved other airbag claims, and have the experience to help with your airbag claim.

If your airbag case involves an accidental death, our firm also has a Probate department who can assist with setting up the necessary probate estate to bring your claim. We can also work with your own probate attorney if you have to make the process as easy as possible.

If you incurred medical expenses, we can fight to get all of your medical bills reimbursed or paid for out of any settlement or verdict for any injuries caused by the faulty airbag. We can also seek compensation for your lost wages and any out of pocket expenses you have, in addition to pain and suffering.

We look forward to speaking with you more to see how we can help you with your airbag injury case. We work on a contingency fee, which means we don’t get paid any money unless you get compensated.

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At the Law Offices of Jason Turchin and through our network of nationwide airbag attorneys, our airbag attorneys can represent those injured or killed because of a faulty airbag in Florida, New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and throughout the United States.

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