State Regulation of Elevator Safety

Florida's Regulation of Elevator Safety

What is the Bureau of Elevator Safety in Florida?

The Bureau of Elevator Safety works to ensure elevators and escalators throughout the State of Florida remain the safest mode of transportation by enforcing elevator safety laws and licensing and regulating industry professionals, elevators, escalators, and other vertical and inclined conveyance devices such as dumbwaiters, moving walks, stairway chairlifts and inclined or vertical wheelchair lifts.

What are some of the codes enforced by the Bureau of Elevator Safety in Florida?

The bureau is charged with enforcing Chapter 399, Florida Statutes (FS), Chapter 30 of the Florida Building Code, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, the State Fire Marshal's Uniform Fire Safety Standards (NFPA 72), and portions of the National Electrical Code (NEC 70) and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The bureau also provides administrative support to the Elevator Safety Technical Advisory Council.

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