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If you were a pedestrian hit by a car and had any injuries, or had catastrophic injuries like brain damage or paralysis, or had a loved one killed after being struck by a car, you may be entitled to a money settlement for your injuries or loved one's accidental death. Call me at 800-337-7755 for a free Florida pedestrian car accident lawyer consultation.

Rights Of Person In Florida Hit By A Car
Florida pedestrians who are hit by a car have many rights. Since each case is different, it is important to go over your case with a pedestrian car accident victim's rights attorney in our office. Generally, pedestrians injured in Florida where another car caused or contributed to their injuries may be entitled to personal injury protection benefits, lost wage reimbursement, medical expenses, pain and suffering and maybe more. If the victim was struck and killed by a car in Florida, the victim's family may be entitled to pain and suffering, funeral expenses, a death benefit, out of pocket expenses reimbursement and more. 

In Florida, a person struck and injured or killed can still recover money from the car owner and driver who hit them as long as the car driver was negligent in any way. This is called comparative fault. Even if the driver was 50% responsible, they would still have to pay 50% of the total damages. 

Rights Of Family If Pedestrian Is Killed By A Car
If a pedestrian is struck and killed by a car in Florida, the case generally falls under Florida's Wrongful Death Act and Florida's Probate Code. It often gets complex depending on the circumstances of each case. Florida's Wrongful Death Act generally specifies who is entitled to recover money or damages as a result of the fatal car accident in Florida. The Probate Act generally provides who can bring the claim on behalf of the survivors. Survivors in a wrongful death claim and Beneficiaries under a will in a Florida Probate may not be the same people. 

Our office has a Florida Probate Division to help with your fatal car accident claim. We can assist with all aspects of the wrongful death case so you do not need another Probate lawyer to open up an estate. 
Florida Pedestrian Accident LawyersWhat type of damages can I collect if I am the victim of a pedestrian accident in Florida?

FL pedestrians hit by a car may be entitled to reimbursement for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, damage to their property, co-payments and other out of pocket expenses. 

Where do you handle injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of people struck and injured or killed by a car?

As a Florida pedestrian accident attorney, I handle pedestrian accident claims throughout the entire state. This includes acting as a:
  • Miami pedestrian accident lawyer
  • Fort Lauderdale attorney for tourist hit by a car
  • Orlando law firm for person hit by a car
  • Tampa attorneys for victim struck by an automobile
  • West Palm Beach lawyers for person run over by a car
  • Disney World tourist attorney for park guest hit by a car

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