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A vacation at sea is supposed to be fun and entertaining. You are away from the stresses of life at home, out in the open sea, visiting new countries and creating life time memories! Most of us have been there at some point in our lives. We have boarded our Carnival Cruise ship in excitement and enjoyed the sense of security and safety as the ship pulls away from home and off into the night sea! We often allow our children the freedom to enjoy the ship thinking the Carnival Cruise is safe. We let loose and soak up the sun, enjoy the shows and plan for the next adventure.

With so much to enjoy, one single act of negligence on a Carnival Cruise Ship can be devastating! Not only can your vacation be ruined, but you can suffer from severe injuries with permanent and long lasting effects on your health!

Cruise injury lawyer Jason Turchin has handled over one hundred Cruise Injury Cases against Carnival and other major cruise lines. If you or a loved one have been injured while aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship, please contact my office for a free consultation with a Carnival Cruise Injury attorney.

We've handled claims against most Carnival cruise ships. If you were hurt on a Carnival cruise, we can handle claims against most ships, including

Carnival Horizon
Carnival Vista
Carnival Breeze
Carnival Magic
Carnival Dream
Carnival Sunshine
Carnival Fantasy
Carnival Ecstasy   
Carnival Conquest 
Carnival Sensation    
Carnival Glory 
Carnival Fascination   
Carnival Valor 
Carnival Imagination    
Carnival Liberty 
Carnival Inspiration    
Carnival Freedom 
Carnival Elation   
Carnival Paradise
Carnival Splendor
Carnival Spirit 
Carnival Pride 
Carnival Legend 
Carnival Miracle 
Carnival Destiny
Carnival Victory
Carnival Triumph

I was injured aboard a Carnival Cruise. What do I do next?

Get medical attention!

It is important that you get the medical attention you need. Not only is it imperative for your health, but it is necessary to properly document your injuries and complaints. Carnival Cruise's claims adjuster will often require documentation of your injuries.

Retrieve copies of the incident report and on board medical records if possible!

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may have been able to complete an incident report with Carnival. The on board medical facility will likely have completed a report too. If possible, make sure you have a copy of these documents.

You must act fast!

When you purchased your cruise ticket, you signed a contract with Carnival that binds you to certain actions. You are often responsible for notifying Carnival Corporation of your accident within 6 months of the incident with a statement of full particulars. You can review a sample Carnival Cruise Lines Contract here. In addition to contractual obligations, you also have a statute of limitations of 1 year! This means your case may be barred forever if a lawsuit is not timely filed.

Immediately upon representation, our office can take care of this for you. We know what your contract says, we know the law, and we know what you are responsible for! We can notify all required parties immediately and start pursuing your case!

Our office understands that your vacation was ruined by the negligence of the very ship you thought you were safe on. We know that this is not how you wanted your cruise to end. We care about the expenses you have incurred and the trauma you have been through. Our staff is trained to pursue your rights with compassion and understanding.

Contact our office for a free consultation with a Carnival Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer at (888) 99-VICTIM.

I do not live in Florida. Can you still help me?

Carnival Corporation has, on most ships, written into your contract that you must bring your case against them in Florida. As such, the majority of our clients with cases against Carnival live in other states. We have experience in handling cases on behalf of out of state residents. Depending on the circumstances, you may not have to travel to Florida at all!

My child was injured while aboard a Carnival ship.

Our office has experience handling cases for minors against Carnival. We understand the additional stress that comes along with your child being injured during a Carnival Cruise vacation. Most often, their special occasion, Spring Break or Summer Vacation was ruined by the negligence of Carnival. If your child was injured on a Carnival Cruise, you may be entitled to money for reimbursement of medical expenses, lost wages, insurance co-payments, and pain and suffering. We can help walk through the process to fight for your child's rights.

Call (800) 337-7755 if your child was injured on a Carnival Cruise!

Accidents aboard Carnival we can handle:

-Slip and falls
-Trip and falls
-Pool accidents
-Accidents cause by violent ship movement
-Crew member negligence
-Pool water burns
-Blended glass in frozen drinks
-Wrongful Death
-Body parts slammed in exit doors
-Sexual assault

Injuries aboard Carnival you could sustain, among others:

-Broken bones
-Wrongful death
-Neck pain
-Back pain
-Head injuries
-Food poisoning
-Bed bugs

We can represent passengers injured aboard many Carnival Cruise Ships, including:

-Carnival Elation  
-Carnival Paradise
-Carnival Splendor
-Carnival Spirit
-Carnival Pride
-Carnival Legend
-Carnival Miracle
-Carnival Destiny
-Carnival Victory
-Carnival Triumph
-Carnival Fantasy
-Carnival Ecstasy  
-Carnival Conquest
-Carnival Sensation   
-Carnival Glory
-Carnival Fascination  
-Carnival Valor
-Carnival Imagination   
-Carnival Liberty
-Carnival Inspiration   
-Carnival Freedom

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