Fractures and Broken Bones

Fractures and Broken Bones Injury Claims

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What is a fracture? 

A fracture is a fancy medical term for a broken bone.
What are the different main types of fractures?

There are displaced fractures where the bones break and move, and non-displaced fractures where the bone cracks or breaks but maintains proper alignment. There are also open fractures where the bone breaks and pierces through the skin, either staying outside protruding through the skin or receding back beneath the skin; and closed fractures where the bone breaks but does not go through the skin.
What types of fractures can an accident victim have?

There are many specific types of fractures a Florida accident victim can sustain. Some of these include:

-Oblique fracture where the fracture has a curved or sloped pattern
-Comminuted fracture where the bone fragments into many pieces
-Traverse fracture where the bone breaks at a right angle to the bone's axis
-Greenstick fracture where the bone is bent but may not be a complete fracture
-Impacted fracture where one bone is driven into the other
-Compound fracture where the broken bone pierces or breaks through the skin
What treatment is there for an accident victim in Florida who has a fracture?

Treatment depends on the type of fracture, place of the fracture and severity of the fracture. Common treatments for fractures include open reduction internal fixation where plates, screws and hardware may be placed to surgically secure the fracture; Cast immobilization where a plaster or fiberglass cast is used to secure the bone in its proper position to promote healing; Traction where gentle pulling is done to allign the fracture; and External Fixator or External Fixation where a medical device is surgically placed into the bone above and below the fracture site and an external device holds the screws in place to stablize the apparatus and fracture site to promote healing.
If you sustained a fracture in an accident in Florida, the law may entitle you to money for your injuries. Common damages you may recover for include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and out of pocket expenses. 

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