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Were You Injured In A Lyft In Florida?

Did you get hurt while riding as a passenger in a Lyft, or were you driving a Lyft and were hit by another car? You may have a claim against Lyft for your pain and suffering. Call a Florida Ride Share Injury Attorney at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today at (800) 337-7755 to see how with can help you with your car accident injury claim.

The taxi cab industry has suffered a pretty big hit at the hands of ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber. It’s much easier to open up an app and request a Lyft driver than it is to arrange for a taxi to come up pick you up. It’s also pretty easy to sign up and become a driver with Lyft, perhaps detrimentally so.

Florida legislators became aware of the lackluster screenings required for people applying to drive for Lyft, and luckily they took action. Now, Lyft requires a background screening that checks for the following:

  • Felonies, sexual offenses, violent crimes, drug related offenses, and theft or property damage offenses dating back 7 years.
  • Registration on the National Sex Offender Registry and DOJ50 State Sex Offender Registry.
  • Moving violations such as accidents and citations dating back 3 years.
  • Major moving violations, including driving with a suspended license for the past 3 years.
  • DUI’s in the past 7 years.
  • Extreme infractions such as hit and run in the last 7 years.

Why Do People Get Hurt on Lyft Rides?

Despite their tougher background checks, more and more people are injured on Lyft rides as people continually and increasingly apply for driver position. People often get hurt by Lyft drivers due to:

  • Insufficient background checks.
  • Lack of sleep caused by unregulated and unrestricted work hours.
  • Improperly maintained vehicles.
  • Driving while intoxicated.
  • Reckless and careless driving.

I was Hurt while Riding in a Lyft. Can I Sue them?

If you were assaulted by your Lyft driver, or if you were hurt in a car accident caused by your Lyft driver, you may be able to sue Lyft for your pain and suffering.

Like many ride sharing companies, Lyft created a loophole that limits their responsibility to passengers who are injured by their drivers. According to Lyft, their app is simply a hub that connects passengers with drivers, and thus Lyft drivers are not employees, but rather independent contractors. In Florida, independent contractors are still responsible for damages they cause to others. Lyft can take a cut of the drivers’ money, but they do not want to be held liable for harm caused to others according to Florida’s vicarious liability rules.

Should I Make a Claim Against my Lyft Driver?

Independent contractors like Lyft drivers make it so that Lyft may not be liable in accordance with Florida’s vicarious liability statutes. However, Lyft often provides liability insurance to their drivers.

Lyft drivers should carry their own personal insurance to cover damages if an accident occurs or if someone gets hurt. If the driver’s policy is not enough to cover your damages and expenses, Lyft’s third party insurance may step in to help so long as the app is on or a ride has been accepted.

If the app is on, this indicates that the Lyft driver is actively seeking out passengers, meaning he is on the job. If you were struck by a Lyft driver, either in another vehicle or as a pedestrian, then Lyft may cover up to a minimum of $100,000 per accident and up to $50,000 per person injured.

If a ride has been accepted, then from that moment until the moment the passenger is dropped off, Lyft may cover up to $1 million per accident. Even if you were a pedestrian or driving in another vehicle that was struck by a Lyft driver, Lyft may cover up to $1 million so long as a ride has been accepted.

If you were a Lyft driver who was injured by another vehicle, Lyft’s insurance may also cover you under the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, if applicable.

Florida Lyft Accident and Injury Attorneys

Ride sharing companies like Lyft and Uber have all but consumed the taxi industry, and as more people sign up to drive for them, the risk of injury goes up. If you were a victim of sexual assault or if you were injured in a car accident caused by a Lyft driver, get in touch with experienced Ride Sharing Attorneys in Florida who can help you navigate Lyft’s complex business model and insurance scheme. Jason Turchin and his team have helped many victims recover the compensation they deserved for their pain and suffering caused by careless drivers.

Call the Law Offices of Jason Turchin today at (800) 337-7755 or contact us online to get started on your claim. It is always a free consultation!

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