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Florida Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys

If you are injured or a loved one was killed in Florida in an accident caused by a tractor trailer or semi-truck, call us at (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation. Finding the best Florida tractor trailer accident attorney for your situation may be one of the most critical decisions you make in the settlement process. It is important for you to have an attorney in Florida who understands tractor trailer laws and automobile laws to help you obtain the best settlement you deserve.

Tractor trailers owe a duty of care to the public to drive safely while using public roads. Because of their size, 18-wheeler semitrucks and tractor trailers can cause catastrophic damage to another car. The law imposes additional requirements on certain tractor trailers and semitrucks.

If drivers of a tractor trailer or semitruck breach their duty and fail to use reasonable care, they could be responsible for pain and suffering damages, medical bills, lost wages, and any other out of pocket expenses. If your loved one was killed, you may have other damages for the wrongful death.

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