Life Insurance Claims

Florida Attorneys For Life Insurance Denial Or Dispute

Life Insurance Claims
As a Florida life insurance attorney, we see many life insurance claims that are denied, delayed or disputed. Dealing with the passing of a loved one is a difficult and tough process. Sometimes our loved one has taken the precautionary measures to have a life insurance policy. As a beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy in Florida, you are entitled to the benefits of that policy. It is one of the most frustrating times when the life insurance policy you feel you deserve is suddenly not paid.

Why was I denied my benefits?
Being denied benefits is common in Florida. Life insurance companies collect billions in premiums every year. Denying and disputing claims for benefits after the death of the policyholder is a common occurrence. Benefits can be denied for many reasons such as unpaid premiums and suicide. The most common denial is “material representation.” This means that the policy holder’s application for benefits allegedly failed to disclose, or inaccurately disclosed some important detail relevant to that individual’s eligibility for the policy.

What can I do to dispute my denied benefits?  
If your claim for life insurance benefits as a beneficiary has been denied, our life insurance attorneys may be able to help. Don’t simply take no for an answer.

What is “Bad Faith?”
Life insurance companies will often do their best to lengthen the dispute and time it takes to get you the answers you deserve. When the insurer intentionally stalls the paying of benefits, is negligent, fraudulent, or lengthens of the process of dispute, it may be acting in “Bad Faith.” This is against the law. Our Florida life insurance lawyers have the experience necessary to get you the answers you deserve.

When should I contact an attorney?
Life insurance companies know that this time is hard for you. They know you are likely going through a traumatic experience and that you may lack the fight it takes to dispute their denials. Do not allow them to do this. Call our office immediately at (800) 337-7755 following the denied benefits or life insurance claim delay. This will give us the time necessary to gather the evidence needed to dispute their denial.

Our life insurance claim lawyers are experienced in handling claims against these life insurance companies. Our staff is trained to handle these sensitive matters with compassion and diligence. Losing a loved one is hard enough. Don’t allow the insurance company to deny your benefits before speaking with one of our attorneys.

Don’t take the life insurance company’s denial as your final answer. Our office handles all life insurance claims on a CONTIGENCY FEE basis. This means we do not collect fees unless a recovery is made. Sometimes the insurance company even has to pay all or part of our attorneys' fees. Give us a call for a FREE CONSULTATION. You may be entitled to part or even all of the policy! 

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